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Pain is our worst enemy. Our body has a nervous system that senses the external stimuli senses pain caused inside our body. Once in our lifetime, we face pain and it indeed decreases our productivity. With the change in the lifestyle of human beings over the years, the pain has taken hold of the human body. With every passing day, it has increased and grown bigger and becomes a hurdle in a healthy lifestyle. Pain has now become a part of daily routine but since it is unbearable and makes life hard to live, we go for the medicines which provide relief from the pain. These medicines are called pain killers or analgesics.

Benefits of pain killers
Broadly, they are classified into two categories; the Pain killer medicine listis given below-
• Ibuprofen- it is useful for mild as well as severe pain. It should be made sure that people suffering from diabetes and kidney problems do not take it.
• Paracetamol- This is the most common pain killer usually taken to cure mild pain. Infants aged below one month should not be given this medicine.
• Aspirin- aspirin is a benzene derivative and is effective for mild as well as severe pain. You should have completed sixteen years before consuming it.
• Codeine- this is exclusively for strong pain and it acts fast against the pain. It should not be consumed for moderate pain.
• Morphine- this medicine is given to the patient to curb excessive pain caused due to an injury of operation. It should be taken only if prescribed by a doctor.
Apart from these common pain killers, there are some other pain killers in the list too like acetaminophen, naproxen, ibuprofen,etc. These medicines are easily available in online stores too. These healthy lifestyle sites are well certified and provide only the best quality and effective medicines. So it’s easier to deal with pain now.

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