Face Whiteners That Suits Your Dry Skin!

Dry skin is like a curse for those who are extremely skin conscious, and when the process of aging starts, this situation becomes more horrible. Dry skin gets wrinkles soon as compared to normal and oily skin. But there are lots of face whiteners solutions you have to maintain your dry skin and make it healthy and glowing.

Face masks to shine up your skin
Multani Matti Mask- For making this Mask, mix rose water in Multani Mitti and apply it on your face. Leave it until it becomes dry and then wash your face but don’t use soap. Multani mitti is the choice of many of the people as it is easily available everywhere and very inexpensive.
Turmeric Mask- As it is said that healthy skin is the symbol of a healthy body. Turmeric is the ingredient that can be taken both as internally and externally, and it is one of the effective materials for skin treatment. A paste of turmeric with coconut oil is the best skin treatment and can be applied as a face mask. There are some instructions on how you use turmeric paste on your skin-
• First of all, clean your face with warm water and remove all the makeup if you have applied any. Pat, you’re facing until it becomes dry.
• Mix a teaspoon of turmeric powder along with coconut oil and make a smooth paste of it.
• Apply this paste on your neck and face but protect your eyes from this paste.
• Rest for 20 minutes. Wash this Mask with water. When your face becomes clean again, wash it with cold water. Dry your face with a smooth towel.
• You can apply moisturizer on your face.
Before going to bed, you can use the paste of turmeric for 15 to 20 minutes on your skin and not only can it be used as a face mask and skin lightening creams but also remove acne from the skin.

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