How to Hire the Right Security Guard to Look Out For Fireworks

Businesses, public schools and residential communities are often hiring security guards to watch over on the Fourth of July. Guards are on duty for hours of the day and have been known to watch fireworks at night as well as fireworks shows at the beginning of the month. Guard members have also been responsible for stopping fires before they start, which can be very dangerous and could be easily prevented by proper fire control procedures. In addition, guards are also responsible for making sure that no fires get started in their assigned areas and are also responsible for inspecting the fire equipment within their immediate area for malfunction. Fire watch personnel can work as part of an integrated team or separately, with specific duties assigned to each individual as needed.

As mentioned, fireworks are always a potential problem. In recent years, fireworks have led to numerous injuries, particularly around Independence Day. If you are looking to hire a security guard to watch fireworks, you will want to make sure that he is familiar with this dangerous activity. Guards should also be trained in handling situations where fire extinguishers are needed, such as in the case of a small electrical fire, or near a hot surface. Guards are also responsible for checking the safety equipment within their own company. Guards should be trained in making sure that all the emergency equipment they carry is up to date, including backup batteries and fire extinguishers.
It is also a good idea to train your Fire Watch Guards in the prevention of fireworks-related accidents. While many companies allow their security guard employees to have a small number of fireworks during the holiday season, it is important that your guards are aware of any and all fireworks regulations and know how to safely use them in the event of a fire. Many fireworks accidents happen on the Fourth of July when fireworks are being set off by children. If you feel that your guards need additional training, take them to a certified fireworks training course. Many courses teach basic first aid and CPR and have advanced training modules that cover many types of fires, including electrical fires and small electrical fires. You can also check with your state fire marshal to see what fireworks laws apply to your particular area. This can be a great way to ensure that everyone at your party has the right training before they go out on the Fourth.

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