Types of issues with the foundation and their repair methods

Foundation repair

Your house will stand strong in all the situations only if your foundation is strong enough to withstand the structure. Water content in the soil can rupture or make the concrete particle swell up and contract. It will lead to the collapse of the building. Natural events like an earthquake or flood will cause damages to the foundation. In these cases, you should recognize the issue, and seek the help of a repair contractor and fix the problems soon to avoid losses. There are several types of foundation damages and repair methods like Pier and beam foundation repair, slab concrete repair, etc. In this article, let us discuss these processes in brief.

Pier and beam foundation repair

It is the process of foundation repair with the help of piers and beams. A Pier is a large cylindrical structure that can support the building by transferring the vertical load applied on it to the earth without vibrations or movement. Beams are the cuboid structures that act in the same way as a pier.

There are different types of piers in use as below,

• Concrete piers
• Steel piers
• Helical piers

Concrete slab repair

Some foundation will comprise of concrete slabs. If the pipeline underneath these slabs starts to leak water, they will start deteriorating, and cracks will develop. To level these concrete slabs in position, and to provide stability, some piers will get employed with the help of hydraulic jacks along with required caulks and filler foams like polyurethane.


Foundation damage is a serious problem, and you should keep an eye on your foundation stability. If you get to see some signs, you should make moves to fix the issues without any delays. Else, your building will become unsafe to accommodate. Before choosing a foundation repair contractor, do some research to select the best contractor with quality service.

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