Understanding terms to buy wine

Wine is an old age drink that is savored upon and can also tell the personality of the person. For wine tour Tuscany, free samples are given in winery that help us understand the best taste for us. After the wine tour, the host proceeds towards the wine cellar to show the huge organic collection.

The winery selling wines speaks about a lot of terminologies that help define the taste of the wine, without even taking a sip. These characteristics help describe the taste of the wine verbally. You can compare the notes with the ones you think is suitable for your taste buds.
Let’s see them one by one-
1. Sweetness- When you sip a wine, not mouthful just a sip and you get that tingling sensation at the tip of the tongue then the wine is oversweet for your taste.
2. Acidity- It is different than having alcoholic content. The acidity means sensation at the front and sides of the tongue. The lighter the alcohol content, the more acidic is the wine.
3. Tannin- To add bitterness to the wine, tannin is used. If you like bittersweet wine, then the sensation will be felt on the front and sides of the tongue.
4. Fruity flavor- Every wine has a fruity flavor; it just depends on the kind of the fruit you want to flavor.
5. Body of the wine- The body of the wine means the color or the viscosity. While wine tasting, the tasters, swirl the wine to look at the body of the wine.
These are 5 main points that help decide the wine that suits your taste buds and personality. These wines have their own unique blend. All you need to do is savor it vis 7s and then choose the best.

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